Cedarbrook Landscaping & Garden Center

The Tortoise and the Hare, by Aesop

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Cedarbrook Nursery’s garden brings an updated twist to the fable of The Tortoise and the Hare. Once upon a time, there was the tortoise and the hare, who lived in a forest far, far way. But the story has changed, and like everybody else the characters have changed — they have been liberated. Now, the turtle is a Ninja Turtle, and the hare is Roger Rabbit, which should even out the playing field. As you enter Cedarbrook’s garden, you will feel as if you have been transported into a fantasy that is full of fun and relaxation. Ninja Turtle and Roger Rabbit are getting into their respective cars. The Big Race is beginning and bragging rights travel fast, so stay out of the mud. We don't expect you to crash an old car in your yard as a lawn ornament or put banners up for races. But we would like you to take this lesson of sorts into the garden with you. The goal is to slow down, so you can smell the roses and tip-toe through the tulips. Most of all, we want you to imagine how you can transform your backyard garden into a mystical world, one in which you will want to come home each day to unwind — and have a glass of wine.