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The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett

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The story centers on a secret, walled garden that had been locked and hidden away from the world because of an accident. Through the love of gardening, however, this garden helps Mary heal after she lost her parents in an accident. The garden has previously been locked and kept from the world because Mary’s uncle lost his wife to a tragic incident that happened there. The Secret Garden is about rediscovery, rejuvenation and rebirth through the love of gardening that helps heal a family. Each spring the Home and Garden Show is a spark that winter is almost over and spring will soon be returning. When visitors enter Landscape Design Solutions’ Secret Garden through a large walled gate, their senses will be rejuvenated that spring is returning soon. The Secret Garden will have close to 1,000 flowers comprised of hyacinths, tulips, rhododendrons, magnolia and roses.