Warwick’s Landscaping

Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White

Garden Designed by


Welcome to Warwick’s Landscaping’s magical outdoor space, reflecting the story of Charlotte’s Web. The entrance invites visitors onto a paver walkway that starts their journey. Throughout the garden you see flowering trees and shrubs for your delight. Brightly colored rhododendrons, snow fountain cherry trees and colorful bulbs tease your senses. As you pass near the barnyard, all the animals can greet you. Upon entering the barn, you will come upon Charlotte’s Web in the corner of one of the rafter’s just like the story. In another corner, you will find Wilbur sitting and enjoying Charlotte’s clever friendship. Upon exiting the barn, you will hear water falling over the rocks in the fountain. Enjoy the brightly colored garden art, a twinkling fancy flame fire pit and large decorative planters on the pillars on the garden walls, which are filled with spring flowers.