Art Springing into Bloom

Artist: Jessie Getic
Landscape designer:
Warwick Landscaping

Having a modern look will be the focus of Art Springing Into Bloom, Warwick’s Landscaping’s garden this year.

The company, which has participated in every Home & Garden show since 1986, will feature contemporary design with the sound of water flowing over a fountain and varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials.

“I wanted to have something with more modern art,” said Terry Killilea, owner and designer of Warwick’s Landscaping. “I saw a few pictures and knew it would be different and would catch people’s eye. I’m putting in a fountain that I’m making to be real modern-looking.”

Jesse Getic is the artist for the project, which will feature weeping Japanese maples, variegated red twig dogwoods, clump river birch, knockout roses, weeping pussy willows, bright-colored tulips and sweet-smelling hyacinths.

Killilea learned about Getic because of a project Getic had worked on at deMonye’s Greenhouse. Among Getic’s many works are paintings of landscapes on canvas.

“(Being at the Home & Garden Show) helps the business and people get a taste of what you can do,” Killilea said. “It gives you a point of contact and always turns into leads. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it.”