Fashion Through the g.ART.en

Artist: Celeste Malvar-Stewart
Landscape designer:
Hedge Landscape

Combining landscape architecture and fashion is the theme of Fashion through the Garden by Hedge Landscape.

According to Steven Maravich, landscape architect for Hedge, collaboration “is an important part of our culture, and by intersecting fashion and landscape architecture we can explore different perspectives.”

Designed in a minimalist context, the garden will feature elements such as stone, water, space and light to set the stage for the art of Celeste Malvar-Stewart, a local textiles and fashion designer who uses wool, alpaca and mohair from Ohio fiber farms along with natural dyes.

The garden will feature hand-felted and naturally dyed wearable art pieces to complement the landscape. Malvar-Stewart has been involved in the fashion industry for more than 30 years, creating unconventional wearables, accessories and interior wear.

“Our idea came about quite organically,” Malvar-Stewart said. “With (Maravich’s) expertise in landscape architecture and my work in textiles and fashion, it seemed perfect to fuse the two areas,” she said. “We were inspired by our common consideration for sustainable design, combining our two distinct disciplines to create an environment that has a beautiful, rich and organic flow while mindfully using eco-friendly approaches.”