The Flower Encounter

Artist: Gretel Adams Sunny Meadows Farms
Landscape designer:
Shearer Patio & Landscape

With The Flower Encounter, Shearer Patio & Landscape Services, which is teaming up with Sunny Meadows Flower Farm, views flowers as the star of a garden inspired by nature.

“When Shearer learned that we needed an artist for our garden this year, I suggested Sunny Meadows Flower Farm,” said Angie Mounts, office manager for Shearer who also works for Sunny Meadows. “Sunny Meadows is a cut flower farm that also creates beautiful floral installations.

“We gathered inspiration from Sunny Meadows’ previous floral works and then discussed what else unique could be created. We knew we wanted to have an open-air wooden beam structure with a fireplace with a water feature on each side as the anchor of the garden,” Mounts said.

Other floral elements from Sunny Meadows include a large chandelier, which features flowers and crystals, several floating clouds, a stack of wood covered with moss and flowers and a curtain of flowers hanging from wooden arbors. There also will be butterfly bushes in the garden to help make the connection between insects and plants.

Among the flowers will be purple magnolias, yellow forsythia, hot pink rhododendrons, blue spruce, pink weeping cherry, perennials and bulbs.