Outdoor Bar in a Reclaimed g.ART.en

Artist: David Hoening
Landscape Designer: 9 Trees Landscape Construction

Hockey lovers should be sure to check out the Outdoor Bar in a Reclaimed gARTen created by 9 Trees Landscape Construction.

Established in 2002, 9 Trees focuses on hardscape construction with a background in horticulture that includes fertilizing and mowing to outdoor kitchen retaining walls, driveways, lighting, planting and even snow removal.

Reclaimed Sticks takes broken hockey sticks and recycled aluminum that are on their way to landfill and turns them into pieces of artwork and furniture

. Owned by David Hoening, Reclaimed Sticks will team with 9 Trees to create a garden that highlights three access pathways with an outdoor bar under a shingled roof pavilion, which will have TVs and sports-themed memorabilia.

Hoening and Matt Forchione, president of 9 Trees, are hopeful that the timing of the show combined with the coming NHL season, will attract the growing hockey community.

“Putting this display together is identical to building in real life,” Forchione said. “We design a space on paper that will fit the client’s needs, verify the material quantities and build it. In the garden display, we go the extra step of adding decorations to make it feel warm, inviting, cozy and something client prospects can visualize themselves using.”