Performance g.ART.en

Artist: The Salty Caramels (and others)
Landscape designer:
Riepenhoff Landscape

The “challenge” as Nick Besser calls it of combining beautiful music and a beautiful landscape was the inspiration for a Performance gARTen that will be presented by Riepenhoff Landscape Ltd.

Molly Winters is a singer and songwriter from Columbus who will be performing solo on Feb. 17, and with her band, The Salty Caramels, on Feb. 23.

“Upon listening to a few songs, we knew instantly that we had found our partner,” Besser said. “Inspired by the classic town square bandstand, we chose to design a space that functioned both as a performance area and a sitting and gathering space.”

“We thought of having a musical performance area in the garden that invites passersby into the landscape,” Winters said. “We hope to have musical themes throughout the garden as well. Music and nature go hand-and-hand, and a peaceful garden is often the perfect place for me to sing and play guitar. I’m providing the sound system and setting it up early so we can blend it into the garden theme and put some greenery around it.”

Throughout the garden, music has been incorporated into the design, including a lower-level patio with a boulder wall on the backside. There will be wooden stands supporting a musical staff banner as a background for the patio, which doubles as a stage. Wooden arbors anchor the walkway at each end, and inside the garden will be colorful shrubs and perennials with rhododendrons, azaleas and other plants.

Performances in the Garden

Sat. Feb. 16
1 p.m.   KaTanya Ingram, singer
2 p.m.   Hilda Doyle, musician
4 p.m.   Chaz & Nicki, musicians
6 p.m.   Dominique LaRue

Sun. Feb. 17
1 p.m.  Molly Winters, musician
2:30 p.m. Scott Woods, spoken word
4 p.m. KaTanya Ingram, singer

Sat. Feb. 23
1 p.m.   Salty Caramels, band
2:15       Salty Caramels, band
4 p.m. Maya Mougey, musician

Sun. Feb. 24
11:30     Chaz & Nicki, musicians
1 p.m.   Maya Mougey, musician
2 p.m.   Barbara Fant, spoken word