Re-purposeful g.ART.en – Take a Second Look

Artist: Jerry Ulibarri, Kobalt Studios
Landscape designer:
Wood Landscape

Noticing what could be overlooked will be what Wood Landscape Services’ garden titled, Repurposeful, will focus on.

The company’s display will use recycled materials from its production facility to incorporate the garden design, specifically the use of “drop,” which is the negative space of material left from cutting shapes on a laser-cutting machine.

According to Tina Castorano, who is designing the garden, “collaboration was the key” as she met with and Sandra Ulibarri from Kobolt Studios.

“We had an overall look envisioned for the space,” Castorano said. “The artists ran with our thoughts and creatively brought an idea into three dimensions. The inspiration behind our sculptural pieces is to encourage the viewer to take a second look. What would typically be discarded material has been artfully arranged into impactful design elements in our garden.”

Kobolt uses “classic techniques alongside high-tech machines to create art and environments worldwide” said Jerry Ulibarri. “Our process starts with brainstorming and design. We sketch out a rough idea. Then our designers can create a (two-dimensional) model from which our artists will reference through the entire build. We’d like people to see this piece as art rather than waste and to realize that sometimes what you might throw away can be repurposed into something that’s enjoyable to look at.”