The Best Darn "Sound g.ART.en" in the Land

Artist: The Ohio State University Marching Band
Landscape designer:
Landscape Design Solutions

Ohio State football fans will be able to get their fix at the Home & Garden Show with “The Best Darn Garden in the Land” that will be produced by Landscape Design Solutions.

In addition to the thousands of flowers on display, this will be what Landscape Design Solutions owner and designer Jacob Basnett calls a “sound garden” that incorporates the sights and sounds of The Ohio State University marching band.

“What a lot of people don’t realize is that the OSU marching band is as artistic as anybody else,” Basnett said. “A big thing a lot of people don’t realize is how innovative they are. We considered a couple different artists and we reached out the Ohio State marching band. You have to have Script Ohio, and that will be done out of flowers. It’ll be pretty substantial. We’ll have a musical component in the garden creating that sound, permeating the area. We’re going to try to have an educational side of what OSU does.”

According to Basnett, who collaborated with Ohio State director of marketing and communications Kevin Leonardi on the project, the display at the Home & Garden show will include birds as well as a memorabilia bar.

“For the most part, the garden is a sound garden,” Basnett said. “There will be components of how people can understand how the sound can be brought into a garden.”