City Dwellers Urban Experience

Artist: Stephanie Rond
Landscape designer:
Oakland Nursery

Capturing one aspect of the city that’s sometimes is overlooked is the theme of Oakland Nurseries’ garden known as “City Dwellers.”

On display will be an alley that includes figure art of animals such as squirrels, ducks, frogs, foxes and deer. In addition, there will be a casual sitting area enclosed by ornate living walls and an ornate wooden trellis.

“We’re going to have an urban garden,” said Bryan Joyce from Oakland Nurseries. “There will be a portrait of an alley so that it draws your eye down into the garden, and there will be some figurines. It’ll be a typical alleyway scene and give a chance to get close to the environment. Humans and animals can coexist through the urban environment. Of course it’s going to have a whole bunch of trees and a pretty cool water feature that takes water off the roofs and flows down in the grate that you see in the alley. It should be kind of cool.”

Oakland Nurseries is teaming with Stephanie Rond, a Columbus-based street artist who is designing the figurines for the garden.

“I’m super stoked for this collaboration,” Rond said. “It’s been fun to explore how the city is a habitat for wildlife and to celebrate their part in a city life experience. Oakland Nurseries has been an absolute dream to work with because they’re so open to new ideas and are very creative themselves.”