Smokey Mountain Wood Carvings

Artist: Ben Williams
Landscape designer:
Seely’s Landscape Nursery

When Roger Seely Jr. was growing up, he and his family often traveled to places such as Gatlinburg, Tenn., and visited the Great Smoky Mountains.

That’s the inspiration for the garden that will be displayed by Seely’s Landscape Nursery titled “Smoky Mountain Wood Carvings” and will feature the artistry of wood chain saw carver Ben Williams.

“One of our designers knew of an artist who created wood carvings from logs with a chain saw,” Seely said. “I liked his work, and it reminded me of similar art work that I’ve seen in the Smoky Mountains. Many of the carvings Ben had done in the past were of wildlife that one would find in the Smoky Mountains such as bears, wolves, eagles and river trout. When I was younger, my family would go see all the old historic sites. Many of the cabins and shops around the area had many similar carvings.”

Seely said the garden will contain mossy boulders lining a cobblestone pathway, which leads to an upper patio area in front of a wooden cabin. There will be flowering cherries, spring bulbs, hosta, and rhododendron along spruce and birch trees. Placed throughout the garden will be carved animals created by Williams.

“We like to showcase the variety of plants we use,” Seely Jr. said. “This is one thing that sets us apart from other landscape companies is that our nursery has a wide selection of new and unusual plants that we get from all over the country.”