"Old Man's Cave" Mural Woodlands

Artist: Sarah DeAngulo Hout
Landscape designer:
Five Seasons Landscape Mgmt

A woodland theme will be prevalent in the display by Five Seasons Landscape Management.

One of the key aspects to represent that, according to artist Sarah DeAngulo Hout, is having “lots and lots of moss.”

“From an artist’s standpoint, I want to incorporate both form and function,” said Hout, of Sarahthehout: Creative Endeavors. “I want my pieces to challenge the viewer into thinking of beauty in an outside-of-the-box kind of way, helping them realize that something beautiful can also functionally work in their own little landscaped paradises. ”

Mike Moulton is the landscape designer for Five Seasons and is designing the display they’re calling “Old Man’s Cave.”

The garden will feature a wood pergola with al fresco paintings and a woodburning fireplace with a stone finish. There will also be a stone back wall with pillars and two water spillways. Flanking the pillars will be three murals where painted surfaces and growing plant-material will be infused into the artwork.

Plant material will include selections native to Ohio such as azaleas, hydrangea, ninebark, pine, birch, cherry, hemlock and redbud. The garden also will have natural stone borders and a natural stonewater feature at the front of the display