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LIFE Expo for Boomers+ is a new event created by The Columbus Dispatch to celebrate and connect Baby Boomers with the topics that interest them the most: travel ideas and adventure, ancestry exploration, ways to volunteer and give back, financial planning, protecting one's identity, pets, tech gadgets, home livability and more!  Join us as you embark on your next adventure through life. 

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LIFE Expo for Boomers+

Coming October 2018


Check back in June for more details.

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BBB "No Scam" Zone

Scams can happen to anyone, and actually affect one in four North American households each year at an estimated loss to individuals and families of $50 billion, yet many consumers believe they are invulnerable. Scammers are creative and are constantly changing their techniques. They prey on relevant topics, even personal tragedies, and perpetrate their crimes in a variety of ways. And, they exploit the full range of communication channels to make contact with their targets and readily adapt to incorporate new communication methods or popular mediums. 

Attend the No Scam Panel Presentation on Saturday or visit the No Scam Zone during the show to get up-to-date information about the latest scams affecting Central Ohio.  Meet with representatives from the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, Ohio Department of Commerce, Franklin County Guardianship Service Board, Ohio Attorney General's office, and Columbus Division of Police Economic Crime Unit:

  • Learn about scams in your area so you are more likely to spot one before falling victim
  • Learn what to do when you receive an email or phone call that you believe is a scam
  • Know who and how to report it when you believe you were the victim of a scam

Remember, awareness and education can provide the best means for protecting yourself from becoming a victim! 


We thank our sponsors!

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Ohio Living

Ohio Living will be giving visitors the opportunity to win one of three door prizes including a delicious dinner for up to 12 guests at The Crossings at Goodale Landing  prepared by professionally-trained chefs.

Stop by and received a specially-designed cookie from Cookie Bouquets at our booth #82 & 83.

Step into virtual reality and try out their Virtual Rehabilitation Platform with Ohio Living Sarah Moore's Functional Pathway's therapy team.

Visit on Sunday and attend one of three Tai Chi experiences brought to you by Ohio Living.

Exhibitor Spotlight