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Indoor Features

We love our pets. They deserve more than a house; they deserve a home. Our Pet Friendly Home incorporates indoor features your pets and you will love – an elevated pet shower, built-in food dishes, state of the art pet monitor that dispenses treats, a litter system that you never touch, cat shelves for indoor fun and furniture that doubles as a dog kennel.



Outdoor Features

The Pet Friendly Home outdoor landscape plan was developed by Creative Earthscapes with the goal of creating an outdoor oasis for all of your pets – with a chicken coop, cat enclosure, a paw-shaped dog pool and pet-safe plants as a few of the features you will find. Plus a demonstration area where you can meet adoptable pets on the weekends and Monday, Feb. 18, and talk with PetPeople representatives who are passionate about pets.


Thank You to these companies for participating in our Pet Friendly Home!