You Did It! Your Organization Has Been Voted a 2018 CBUS Top Pick!

Phase 3 | Winners celebration - Gala awards ceremony on dec. 5

The votes are in. We’ve counted them and double-checked every single one. And now it's time to celebrate your achievement -- that your company or organization is among the best of the best, one of the very best companies in Columbus based on the hundreds of thousands of votes cast.

Congratulations!  This is an honor you and your associates worked hard to earn, and now it's time to celebrate. As you know, only the top three vote-getters are named 2018 CBUS Top Picks, and at the Winners Gala on December 5, we will celebrate your achievement and announce which company received the most votes and is crowned the #1 in each category. We can’t wait.

Let’s Celebrate!  This year's celebration will be a gathering you won't want to miss. While we will be returning to St. Charles Preparatory Schools’ Walters Commons, which will be fully decked out for the holidays, this year the celebration will feature scrumptious creations served up by Berwick, including beef tenderloin, shrimp cocktail, their famous pasta with vodka sauce and fried mushrooms, plus an endless sampling of hors d'oeuvres.  You can pair them with our selection of wines, beers and champagne from the bar.

The evening will start with a welcome reception from 5:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m., followed by awards presented to a representative from each of the  #1’s. Then, the celebration and party keeps on going.

Say “thanks.”  We know you’ll want to thank central Ohio for their support this year. On Dec. 21, The Dispatch will publish a Winners Guide listing every top pick company, and we have a range of options for you to show central Ohio your appreciation.  Each of these options includes tickets to the gala. So talk with your account representative about the best option for your organization.

Why the CBUS Top Picks program matters to your business:

Out of more than 30,000 area businesses, and tens of thousands of organizations, the Columbus community voted for their favorites to be named a 2018 CBUS Top Pick. That’s a big deal. To be a CBUS Top Pick means people recognize you as one of the elite companies in town — a top 3 in your category. We asked Central Ohio to tell us who they count on — day in and day out — for products, services and entertainment. To tell us which local companies are the best of the best.  We are thrilled by the enthusiastic response of people who cast nearly 250,000 votes, 80,000 more than last year.

We are excited to celebrate our top Central Ohio businesses and organizations, chosen by the people who live here. 

View Photos from the 2018 CBUS Gala


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Winners List

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Order More Clings, Certificates and CBUS Top Picks Stuff

Deadline to Order is extended to january 6, 2019

Order extra stuff to make sure all you customers know that you are a CBUS Top Pick.  

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if I am a 2018 CBUS Top Pick?

If your organization or company name is listed on the winner's list for 2018, you are a 2018 CBUS Top Pick.


What does it mean?

It means that right now in 2018, you are considered one of the very best companies in town by the people who live and work here.


How did this happen?

The Dispatch asked the community to nominate their favorite businesses in July 2018 via a write-in nomination round. The top 5 companies nominated in each category moved on to the voting ballot.  We asked the community to vote on their favorite businesses in October 2018 and based on the 249,803 votes cast by the community, the top three companies in each category have earned the distinction of being named a 2018 CBUS Top Pick.


How long has this program been around?

The Dispatch CBUS Top Picks program started in 2016, so there are two alumni classes of winners: 2016 and 2017.  The 2018 class is our third.


How long will I be a 2018 CBUS Top Pick?

Forever.  You will always be a 2018 CBUS Top Pick.  The Dispatch will run the program again next year seeking nominations in July, voting in October and announce the winners in December.  We hope you’ll repeat again next year.

How can I promote this?

We recommend that you start by participating in the Winner's Guide using one of the options that we have created. These packages include tickets to the Winners Gala on Dec. 5, when we will announce the number one in each category, plus window clings, a framed certificate, business listing on the Winners website that will live online through next December, digital targeted impressions across the Dispatch Media Group network of websites, plus a full-color ad in the Winner's Guide that will publish in The Dispatch and online on Friday, Dec. 21.  Talk with your DMG account representative about the best option for you.

What did last year's winners guide look like?

You can flip through the 44 page winners guide from last year right here

Do I have to purchase one of the thank-you packages?

No. However, they are the single best way to say “thank you” to the community.  

Which graphic symbol am I allowed to use?

As a 2018 CBUS Top Pick, you are granted permission to use the graphic symbol that reads “2018 CBUS Top Pick.”    

Where can I use the 2018 CBUS Top Pick graphic symbol?

Everywhere.  In all of your advertising, on your website, as an email signature line, at point of sale, in your email marketing and other digital marketing. Past winners have installed window decals on their doors, and even purchased vehicle magnets for their fleets.

Can I buy more window clings, certificates and other support material?

Yes, you can order everything online here. Please keep in mind that after you order, we will verify that your company is entitled to the things that you want to purchase. All orders must be completed by Jan. 6th, and the materials will be furnished to you by March 15, 2019. Only the #1’s can purchase the #1 materials.  

What will happen at the Winners Gala on Dec. 5?

First and foremost, we'll have fun. The gala is a celebration of all of the winners for 2018. The highlight of the evening is recognizing each of the top picks organizations, and announcing which one received the most votes and is #1 in their category. It's kind of like the Oscars for the best local businesses in Columbus.

How do I get tickets to the Winners Gala on Dec. 5?

Talk with your DMG account representative, they will explain the options available to you. 

2018 CBUS Top Picks & 2018 Winners Guide


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