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Your Organization Can Be Voted a 2019 CBUS Top Pick!

Get Ready. Now! Your customers know you’re one of the top companies in your industry because they are loyal and already give you high marks. Get ready now to be voted a 2019 CBUS Top Pick - so all of central Ohio will know, too. This Toolkit has information and links to download graphics to remind your customers to make their voices heard - first to participate and nominate you, and then to vote for you.

What is CBUS Top Picks? CBUS Top Picks is Columbus’ biggest annual program where the community votes on their favorite businesses and organizations. We are entering our 4th year in 2019, and based on the number of votes last year - all 249,803 of them - central Ohioans love to participate. And why not? Everyone has their favorites in town, and its fun to see which companies and organizations everyone else thinks are the best at what they do.

How Does It Work? CBUS Top Picks is a program conducted by Dispatch Media Group.

PHASE 1 | GET NOMINATED | AUG. 1-31, 2019

During August we will invite the ENTIRE community to “nominate” their favorite businesses in 151 categories by visiting the website and writing in company/organization names for each category. Users must register their email first, and can nominate daily from Aug. 1-31. The nomination phase is very important because we use it to determine which organizations will be listed on the ballot for each category. When nominations close on Aug. 31, the top five (5) companies/organizations in each category move on and get listed on the ballot for voting. If your company/organization doesn’t make it on to the ballot, you’re out - you cannot become a 2019 CBUS Top Pick.

PHASE 2 | VOTING | OCT. 1-31, 2019

Once the voting ballot is set for each of the 151 categories, we invite central Ohio to vote on their favorite favorites. Voting happens during the month of October. Each ballot has 5 companies/organizations listed and people vote for their favorite on the ballot. Registered users can vote daily on each ballot.


The top 3 companies/organizations with the most votes will be named 2019 CBUS Top Picks and will be invited to our massive Winners Celebration on Dec. 11 at Walter Common, St. Charles Preparatory School. This is an honor you and your associates worked hard to earn, and now it’s time to celebrate. Gourmet bites, open bar and the biggest celebration for the best of the best companies and organizations in Ohio - and we’ll announce the #1 companies live at the event in each category, too. It’s like the Oscars for local businesses.
Winners Publication. We know you’ll want to say “thanks” to central Ohio for their support this year. In Dec. 2019, The Dispatch will publish a Winners Guide listing every top pick company, and we have a range of options for you to show central Ohio your appreciation. Each of these options includes tickets to the gala. So talk with your account representative about the best option for your organization.

Why the CBUS Top Picks program matters to your business:

Out of more than 30,000 area businesses, and tens of thousands of organizations, the Columbus community voted for their favorites to be named a 2019 CBUS Top Pick. That’s a big deal. To be a CBUS Top Pick means people recognize you as one of the elite companies in town — a top 3 in your category. We asked Central Ohio to tell us who they count on — day in and day out — for products, services and entertainment. To tell us which local companies are the best of the best.  We are thrilled by the enthusiastic response of people who cast nearly 250,000 votes.

We are excited to celebrate our top Central Ohio businesses and organizations, chosen by the people who live here. 

View photos from the 2018 CBUS Gala:


Winners List

Click the button below to view a complete list of our 2018 top 3 businesses/organizations. These entrants are sorted by category.



Frequently Asked Questions


How can I become a 2019 CBUS Top Pick?

If your organization or company is located in central Ohio, get nominated in August and voted a top-3 in October and you’re in - a 2019 CBUS Top Pick.


What does it mean?

It means that you are considered one of the very best companies in town by the people who live and work here.


How does this happen?

The Dispatch will ask the community to nominate their favorite businesses in August 2019 via a write-in nomination round. The top 5 companies nominated in each category moved on to the voting ballot.  We will ask the community to vote on their favorite businesses in October 2019 and based on the votes cast by the community, the top three companies in each category will earn the distinction of being named a 2019 CBUS Top Pick.


How long has this program been around?

The Dispatch CBUS Top Picks program started in 2016, so there are three alumni classes of winners: 2016, 2017 and 2018. 2019 will be our fourth class.


How long will I be a 2019 CBUS Top Pick?

Forever.  You will always be a 2019 CBUS Top Pick.  The Dispatch will run the program again next year seeking nominations in July, voting in October and announce the winners in December.  We hope you’ll repeat again next year.

How can I promote this?

Talk with your account representative from the Dispatch Media Group. They’ll explain options we have to amplify your voice during each phase to assure people know that your company or organization is in the running. You can also download the information from this toolkit for your website, email signature, social media and advertising. remind all your customers and everyone in central Ohio to cast their vote for you.

What did last year's winners guide look like?

You can flip through the 44 page winners guide from last year right here

Which graphic symbol am I allowed to use?

You can use the graphic that reads “NOMINATE US” during August and if you make it on the ballot, you can use the graphic that reads “VOTE FOR US.” You can only use the CBUS Top Pick logo from 2016-2018 if you were voted a top pick in that year.