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Why it matters.

Out of more than 30,000 area businesses, the Columbus community voted for their favorites to be named a 2017 CBUS Top Pick. That’s a big deal. To be a CBUS Top Pick means people recognize you as one of the elite companies in town — a top 3 in your space. We wanted Central Ohio to tell us who they count on — day in and day out — for products, services and entertainment. To tell us which local companies are the best of the best.  We are thrilled by the enthusiastic response of people who cast nearly 170,000 votes.

We are excited to celebrate our top Central Ohio businesses and organizations, chosen by the people who live here. Congratulations on being voted by the people as a Top Pick!

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Published in The Columbus Dispatch on Friday, December 22.

You can check out the online Winners Directory page at




2017 CBUS Top Picks

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