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See us March 9 at the 2019 Camp & Activities Expo. Visit for show details.

Visit us at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium March 9 for the #CampExpo! For more info, visit

Ready for a one-stop shop to keep your kids active all summer? Find ideas and inspiration at the #CampExpo

Don’t miss us at the #CampExpo! Find out how to get parking/admission vouchers at

Come visit us at booth [booth #] all weekend at the #CampExpo

2019 Approved Art for Social Media Use

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polar bear swimming


camp and activities expo

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Columbus Zoo and Aquarium



2019 Logo

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2019 Approved Out-Of-Office Email

Thank you for your email!

We are currently out of the office at The Camp & Activities Expo! You can visit us at booth #(enter your booth number here) during the show at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on March 9!

If this is an urgent matter, please contact (enter additional contact information here). Otherwise, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!
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