February 16

home and garden show saturday hours

Show Bulletin:

People's Choice Awards. This is your chance to vote for your favorite g.ART.en, today and Sunday.  Ballots are in the Garden area.

Plein Air artists. Watch these artists LIVE paint our 10 g.ART.ens. Provided by the Ohio Plein Air Society. Meet the Artists.

Lowe’s DIY Presentations on the Home Stage.

Celebrities. Come see “This Old House” stars Tom Silva and Richard Trethewey, courtesy of Logan A/C & Heat Services.




  • Pick up a $3 off at the door admission coupon at Central Ohio Lowe's stores
    (starting early February)

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12 - 1:00 PM | Columbus Zoo and Aquarium , Animal Ambassadors
See and learn about the animals that travel with Jack Hanna. Discover where they are from and what they eat. You might even get a chance to touch the birds or a variety of mammals.


1 - 1:30 PM | The Connected Home
Hello? Home.... are you there? Let’s us help you connect with your home. We will explore many of the options available to help you with security, safety and energy savings. We will demonstrate how to install a smart door lock, smart thermostat and video doorbell. Presented by Lowe’s.

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1:30 PM | What’s Your Design Style? Simple Bath & Simple Kitchen Presentation
Do you love design? Ever wonder what your actual design style is? Join us for this fun and interactive session that will help determine what your interior design style is and how to decorate with it in mind


2 - 2:45PM | Tom Silva from “This Old House”
Appearance presented by Logan A/C and Heat Services.   As a proud member of America’s favorite home improvement team since 1986, general contractor Tom Silva has provided years of expert advice to home enthusiasts across the country on “This Old House.” He also brings his endless expertise to “This Old  House’s” sister show, “Ask This Old House.” Get your selfie with him afterward.

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3 - 3:30 | Shiplap Interior Wall Treatment
Let’s discuss one of the most popular trends in interior design. We will share how to recreate the shiplap look with a step by step how to on the products needed, tools required, installation and trim techniques, and finishing. From making your own shiplap to purchasing pre-cut and prefinished packages, there is a product that will help you Captain this project successfully.

3:30 PM | Simple Bath & Simple Kitchen Presentation
See description above.

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4 PM | Richard Trethewey from “This Old House”
Appearance presented by Logan A/C and Heat Services. Richard has been an integral part of the This Old House team since the show's debut in 1979. Today, he also appears on Ask This Old House. Trethewey Bros. Inc., the family plumbing and heating business, has served the Boston community since 1902.  Richard is a licensed master and journeyman plumber and has long been an advocate for professionalism in the building trades.


5 - 5:30 PM | Painting Perfection
Get advice from the experts for the perfect painting project. We will discuss how to determine the best paint, suggested prep, sundries needed and application advice. Save time, frustration and ensure a professional result with tips and tricks from the folks that actually make the paint!


5:30 - 6PM | To Tile…or Not to Tile?
That is a hard question on the surface. Let us help you determine if a tile project is right for you. From a basic back splash to decorative floor designs we will discuss the products available, tools required, installation process, timelines needed and ongoing care and maintenance. Afterwards you’ll know if this is a project for you or one to get help from the professional. We will also discuss the latest alternative to floor tile.... interlocking vinyl planks, it’s benefits and drawbacks. Lowe’s.

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11 - 11:40 AM | Finding the right power equipment for your yard
Walk behind or riding? Deck size? Terrain? Service? If you need expert answers to these and other questions about your yard equipment, join experts from AgPro for information. Presented by AgPro.

12 - 12:40 PM | Gardening to Attract Pollinators – Steve Herminghausen
Learn how to select and maintain plants which bees, butterflies, and other pollinators will return to year after year

1 - 1:40 PM | Before Buying Bees, Is Bee Keeping Right for You? – Dave Noble Bees
Find out how you can support a healthy pollinator community by raising bees in your backyard.

2 - 2:40 PM | Good Bugs and the Plants That Attract Them.
Hosted by Mary Gardiner
Are there really good bugs? Yes, and you can learn how to tell the good guys from the bad guys from the professor who wrote the book on good bugs.

3 - 3:40 PM | The Dirt on Soil.
Hosted by Joe Lansing, Sue Simon, Freda Daniely and Don Skaggs
A team of Master Gardener volunteers and soil specialists will explore soil health and provide tips to increase the health of soil in your yard and garden.

4 - 4:40 PM | Container Gardening — Lori Overmyer
No space for a large garden? No problem, get tips to grow beautiful flowers and vegetables in containers and small spaces

5 - 5:40 PM | Insect Pests of the Home Garden — Lori Overmyer
Find out how to identify and control the most damaging insect pests in your garden.